B-Girls Boats

Pride Runs Deep

(NOTE- This version of the charter has not been completely updated with changes voted on at the Reunion last month, check again around July 4th for the final version)



USS Barbel SS 580    USS Blueback SS 581    USS Bonefish SS 582 




This charter establishes the B-Girls (USS Barbel SS-580, USS Blueback SS-581 , USS Bonefish SS-582) Reunion Association, hereinafter referred to as “The Association”, in accordance with the unanimous direction of the crew members attending the B-Girls reunion held April 6-12, 2000 in Portland, Oregon. 





The purpose of The Association is to further the continuation of associations formed and the good fellowship established among the officers and men who served on the B-Girls during their long and illustrious careers. Toward this end reunions will be held every two years 






The following officers are established to conduct the business of The Association on behalf of the members: 






·          Determining the location and exact dates of the next reunion with due consideration to the desires of the majority of the members. 

·         Advance planning for the reunion and implementation of the plan. 

·         Authorization of expenditures from The Association treasury. 

·         The appointment of two members-at-large to assist the president as required. One from each submarine different from the submarine the President qualified on.  

·         The appointment of a Coordinator/Host from the general locale of the next reunion to assist the president in planning, interfacing, and other preparations for a reunion.  


Vice President 



·         Assisting the President  

·         Replacing the President if he becomes incapacitated or otherwise unable to discharge his duties. 





·         Maintaining a record of The Association meetings. 

·         Correspondence required to keep members informed 

·         Maintaining a roster of The Association members. 

·         Receipt and custody of member dues in a non-interest bearing account. 

·         Accounting of funds to members within two months after each Association meeting.  



Newsletter Editor: 


·         Shall be responsible for content, layout, printing, and distribution (mailings) of the B-Girls Reunion Association Newsletter. The same shall apply to any other mailings as directed by the Association President 

·         The newsletter will be sent to all members and provided, in electronic format, to the webmaster for posting on the website.   

·         Periodicity of the Newsletter shall be determined by the Newsletter Editor.  

·         Other mailings may be sent based upon the needs of the Association.  

·         Receipts for all monies spent incidental to the printing and distribution of the Association Newsletter, or any other mailings, shall be provided to the Association Secretary/Treasurer.  

·         Assist in maintenance and expansion of the shipmate roster database. 




·         Order and maintain an adequate stock of items to accommodate sales to members and other interested persons via mail or the Association website.  

·         Recommend new items of interest to be sold in the “Ship’s Store” to the Board for approval.  

·         Submit proposed sale prices on an item-by-item basis to the board for approval.  

·         Maintain records of all merchandise purchased and sold through the Ship’s Store. 

·         Submit a “Ship’s Store Financial Statement” annually or on request by the President or Secretary/Treasurer, providing detailed income, expenses, and current ship’s store inventory. 

·         Transfer monies quarterly to the Association Treasury above what is needed for the day-to-day operation of the Ship’s Store. 

·         Construct a “Ship’s Store” catalog and provide a hard copy to all members and interested parties who request such information. Update the store catalog periodically keeping it current as items are added or removed from the inventory. 

·         Provide the Ship’s Store Catalog in electronic format to the webmaster for posting on the Association website.    

·         Set up the Ship’s Store at all reunions.  








·         Perform initial web site creation and design for the B-Girls Reunion Association web site at www.bgirlsboats.com

·         Overall administration of the web site. 

·         Ensure optimal site functionality and access through effective site design and structure. 

·         Compose files for the web site (page design, text mark-up, image processing) 

·         Update information in web pages and databases periodically keeping them current and functioning properly. 

·         Ensure that files are web readable and that external linkages are working. 

·         Ensure that all Webmaster mail receive timely responses. 

·         Maintain the guestbook and other on-line forms on the web site. 

·         Develop, research, lay out, write/edit new sections/features. 




·         Shall be responsible for delivering the invocation and /or benediction at any association reunions, as directed by the Association President. 

·         Shall maintain a roster of shipmates “On Eternal Patrol” and provide the roster in electronic format, to the webmaster for posting on the website "Taps" section.. 

·         Shall provide letters of condolence, or other appropriate acts of kindness whenever possible, to shipmates or their families. 




·         One each, from a boat other than the boat the President qualified on, to insure all three boats are represented on the Executive Board. 

·         Advisors to the President  

·         Elected for three year terms. 




Election of Officers 


The election of officers will be accomplished on a day designated by the President at each reunion. Candidates will be nominated from the floor and officers elected by a simple majority of the members in good standing (Dues Paid) attending. No provision is made for absentee or proxy voting. 





Membership in The Association is open to all who ever served on the USS Barbel SS 580, USS Blueback SS 581, or USS Bonefish SS 582 and to widows and eligible dependents of those who served.  


Membership Dues 


Each member will be assessed a $10.00 initial fee. Each member will be assessed a $5.00 annual fee. These funds will be used solely for up front expenses associated with reunions, to reduce the reunion registration cost of members, and to provide for costs of correspondence.  





Proposals for amendments to this charter will be entertained, in writing, from members in good standing (Dues Paid) on the first day of the reunion. Acceptance of an amendment will be by a two third (2/3) majority of the members in good standing attending.  





Let it be hereby recognized that by a unanimous vote of the crew members attending the B-Girl reunion in Colorado Springs, CO. on September 11-14, 2003.  

          The above officers were elected. 


          The interval between reunions was established as __3___years. 


Charter change History: 


April 7, 2000        Original Charter drafted and signed 


Sept. 15, 2003       Under “Purpose” change Advisor to Member-at-large 

                             On “signature page” change Advisor to Member-at-large 

                             Under “Officers” add new officer positions: 

                                      Newsletter Editor 


                                      Web Master 



Nov. 23, 2003       Under “Officers” added responsibilities to the above officer positions as defined by those officers and the board. . 

Jan. 21, 2004        Added “Members-at-Large description.  


May 30, 2009       Reunions to be held every 2 years, beginning in 2011 

May 30, 2009       All officers shall hold positions from date elected until the next scheduled reunion. 

May 30, 2009       Recognized Auxiliary Organization for spouses, widows, and other interested family members of B-Girls Reunion Association members.