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  • This is the Charter for the B-Girls Reunion Association. Several revisions were voted on and accepted by the membership at the last reunion on May 30, 2009. Not all of these changes have been included in this document yet. The revised Charter will be posted here when it has been completed and reviewed by the Board of Directors.

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  • Contact me for any questions you may have about the website or the B-Girls Reunion Association. I will redirect your questions to the right person if I don't have the answer myself. Thank you for your interest in the B-Girls Reunion Association.

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  • This page pays tribute to shipmates of the B-Girls Boats, the USS Barbel, USS Blueback and the USS Bonefish who have gone on before the rest of us. Please help us keep this list accurate and up to date by submitting information you may have access to.

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  • The B-Girls Reunion Association exists to promote the memory of the Diesel Submarines of the US Navy in general and the last three diesel boats, the USS Barbel (SS-580), USS Blueback (SS-581), and the USS Bonefish (SS-582). These boats were important weapons in the Cold War of the 60's to the 80's.

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  • The Resources section of the website will have documents of interest available for the members of the B-Girls Reunion Association. Check here for important documents concerning the association.

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